Gbile Akanni biography

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gbile akanni Biography;

Who is gbile akanni

Gbile Akanni biography

Gbile Akanni is a Nigeria preacher, author and renowned teacher of the word. Gbile akanni holds an interdenominational fellowship which attracts most Christians of all backgrounds. Gbile Akanni doesn’t run a church. Gbile akanni is an itinerant preacher who moves from one denomination to another on invitation. Gbile akanni is mentor to both young and old across the nation 

Gbile akanni early life and education

Gbile akanni was born on June 22nd into an “ifa” ( Idol worship ) family, in masifa, ogbomoso, Oyo state in Nigeria.

Gbile Akanni graduated from the University of Ibadan and is an alumnus of the Baptist student fellow.

He traces his spiritual upbringing to his childhood friend (Rev. Dr. DurosinJesu Ayanrinola)’s grandmother who was always interceding for him to be a shining light out of his dark family. 

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Gbile akanni Net worth

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Gbile Akanni Age

Gbile akanni was born on June 22nd into an “ifa” ( Idol worship ) family, in masifa, ogbomoso, Oyo state in Nigeria.

Gbile akanni personal life

Gbile Akanni is happily married to a medical doctor, (Sade Akanni), and together they have four (4) childrens and live in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa.

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Gbile Akanni Books

Gbile akanni books

  • The Dignity of Manhood

  • Becoming Like Jesus

  • Costly Assumptions

  • Timely Warning

  • When God Speaks

  • Silent Labors

  • Becoming Like Jesus

  • Costly Assumptions

  • Costly Assumptions ok

  • Foundation To Christian Living

  • God’s Pattern For Christian Service

  • Give Me A Drink

  • Marital Relationship

  • Quest For God

  • No More Two

  • Silent Labours

  • A Bassa Heart

  • Tapping God’s Resources For Life And Ministry

  • The Dignity of Manhood

  • The Price, Plight And Perils Of The Anointed

  • Timely Warning

  • Understanding The Concept And Conditions For Discipleship

  • Unfading Beauty

  • What God Looks For In His Vessel

  • When He Comes

  • When Men of the Force Need a Greater Force

  • When The Heavens Are Closed

  • Why Sit We Here Till We Die?

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