Who is funny toheeb

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Funny Toheeb Biography

Funny Toheeb Biography

Real Name: Toheeb Adedokunde Akore

Stage Name: Funny Toheeb

Date Of Birth: 23rd November, 1997

Age: 24 years old

Profession: Comedian

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Net Worth: $50,000

Who Is Funny Toheeb

Who is funny toheeb

Toheeb Adedokunde Akore Popularly known as Funny Toheeb is a Nigerian Comedian who is well known for his comic reproduction of celebrity photos.

Funny Toheeb Date Of Birth

Toheeb Adedokunde Akore popularly known as Funny Toheeb was born on the 23rd of November, 1997 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Funny Toheeb Age

Funny toheeb is 25 years old in terms of writing this article about funny toheeb biography and net worth.

Funny Toheeb Real Name

The Nigeria photo recreation popularly known as Funny Toheeb real name is Toheeb Adedokunde Akore.

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Funny Toheeb career

Remaking celebrity photos in hilarious ways wasn’t something Toheeb thought was going to be his career path. He had tried rapper, dancing, and was making comedy skits online until he was robbed off his camera and laptop and decided to try something else. Just for fun and laughs, on the 21st of June, 2018 he recreated a Wizkid photo with a D&G mask (image below) and shared it online.


The video instantly went viral and Wizkid also shared the video. Since then he has kept on remaking funny photos of celebrities with Nylons, plastic bottles, animals, and sometimes noodles.

His photos have gotten attention from various renowned celebrities like Cardi B, Wizkid, and others. He has also been recognized by BBC Africa.

According to him, his mother has also supported him from the beginning while his dad doesn’t support him and criticizes the semi-nude photos he shares online.

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Funny Toheeb Net Worth

The estimated of Funny Toheeb net worth is $50,000 dollars.

Funny Toheeb Instagram

You can follow Funny Toheeb on Instagram via his official Instagram account @ funnytoheeb


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