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Fatima Ali Nuhu Biography

Fatima Ali Nuhu Biography

Name: Fatima Ali Nuhu

Date Of Birth: 13th January 2004

Age: 17 years old

Profession: Kannywood Actress

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kano State

Net Worth: $78,000 dollars

Who Is Fatima Ali Nuhu

Who is fatima Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu is a popular Nigeria actress from the Hausa film industry. She is well known for her wonderful acting performance in any film role given to her by the director or producer.

Fatima Ali Nuhu Education

Fatima Ali Nuhu Education

The upcoming actress did her primary school education in Kano State before moving on to Yandutse college where she graduated with an excellent results in her SSCE.


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Fatima Ali Nuhu Career

Fatima Ali Nuhu acting career started through the help of her father Ali Nuhu who is a renowned actor in the industry. Her father being a movie producer started featuring her in some of his movies. The beautiful young girl showed an impressive acting skills in her first movie and that was how her career moved from grass to grace.

Today Fatima is among the best and most beautiful upcoming actresses in the industry making name for themselves.

Fatima is no doubt an epitome of beautiful in the Kannywood. She is indeed blessed with good looking body structure and a beautiful face.

She looks exactly just like her father Ali Nuhu, with a high taste for fashion and designers clothes.

Fatima Ali Nuhu Date Of Birth

Fatima was born in Kano State on the 13th of January 2004. Fatima Ali Nuhu currently 17 years old as of the time of writing this article.

Fatima Ali Nuhu Age

Fatima Ali Nuhu is 17 years old in terms of writing this article about Fatima Ali Nuhu biography and net worth.

Fatima Ali Nuhu Phone Number

One of the most popular questions been ask by her fans is her phone number which is very hard to get as a celebrity girl. Fatima Ali Nuhu’s phone number is presently unavailable as of now.


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Fatima Ali Nuhu Net Worth

The estimated Fatima Ali Nuhu net worth is $78,000 dollars in terms of writing this article. We will update this article when we see new changes on her net worth.

Fatima Ali Nuhu Instagram

You can follow Fatima Ali Nuhu on Instagram via her official Instagram account @fatima_ali_nuhu


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