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Faruq Onikijipa Biography

Faruq onikijipa biography

Real Name: Sheik Suleiman Faruq Onikijipa

Stage Name: Faruq Onikijipa

Date Of Birth: 25th February, 1962`s

Age: 60 Years Old

Profession: Mulla/Alfa, Life Coach

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kwara State

City: Ilorin

Net Worth: $500K – $1M dollars

Who Is Faruq Onikijipa

Who is faruq onikijipa

Faruq onikijipa is a popular Nigerian Mulla/Alfa. Faruq onikijipa is also a life coach who is popular for his truth preaching about Islam. And how to live in the world as a real muslim to follow wishes of God.

Sheik Sulaimon Onikijipa was born on the 25th February 1962 into the Onikijipa family by Alhaja aminat Faruq; the little girl of Fadilat Sheik Sa’adullahi (the Imam of antiquated Okekere Mosque in Oke-male, Ilorin) and Sheik Umar Faruq , the child of Sheik Abdullah Onikijipa and Grandson of Sheik Muh’d Qasim Onikijipa a child of Sheik Muh’d Na-Allah of favored recollections), who relocated from the old Kano and remained in different places before he at long last settled in old Ilorin in the mid nineteenth century.

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Faruq Onikijipa Career

Sheik sulaimon began his quest for information under the tutelage of his dad where he was instructed how to present the first chapter(surah) of the main Qur’an. Not long after the home hindrance he continued to another islamic establishment (casual) to additionally braced his essential learnings under the supervision of a prestigious researcher Sheik Zakariyah Ataragba of the renowned Agbaji quaters till about 1979 when he looked for authorization and gifts of his instructor and profound head to concede him leave to empower him further his islamic training shelter aced the fundamental control (tarbiyah) in the quran.

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In 1979 Sheik Sulaiman progressed in his islamic instruction at Darul-ulum Arabic and Islamic school, Ilorin. A cutting edge and considerable Islamic Institution in the antiquated Ilorin (one of the early formal islamic school), somewhere in the range of 1979 and 1983, sheik took up essential islamic investigation , this incorporate ; islamic lawful examinations (fiqh), the Islamic phonology (surfu and nahu) and host of others. In this way 1983 sheik had his first testament in Arabic and Islamic training from Darul-ulum Arabic and islamic School Ilorin.

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In this manner, in 1983 after sheik acquired his first endorsement from Darum-ulum Arabic and Islamic organization, ilorin.

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Faruq Onikijipa Date Of Birth

Sheik Sulaiman Faruq Onikijipa was born on 25th February, 1962`s. He is 60 years old at the time of writing this article on faruq onikijipa biography and net worth.

Faruq Onikijipa Wife

Sheikh Sulaimon Faruk got married to his wife at a very early stage. Sulaimon Faruk is only married to this beautiful woman who has been with him all his life, you can say she stands like a backbone to the great Islam clergy.

Photos of his beautiful wife;

Faruq onikijipa wife

Onikijipa wife

Faruq Onikijipa Son And Daughters

Faruq onikijipa son

Faruq onikijipa blessed with wonderful children which affluence of Islam teachings is really evidence in them. They are blessed with Six Children, 3 Sons and 3 Daughters; Tijani, Ibrahim, Sadalah, Maryam, Iradat, and sauda.

Sadalah Onikijipa

Sadalah onikijipa

Ibrahim Onikijipa

Ibrahim onikijipa

Tijani Onikijipa

Tijani Onikijipa

Maryam Onikijipa

Maryam onikijipa

Saudat Onikijipa

Saudat onikijipa

Iradat Onikijipa

Iradat onikijipa

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Faruq Onikijipa Net Worth

The estimated faruq onikijipa net worth is $500K – $1M dollars at the time of writing this article on faruq onikijipa biography and net worth.

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Faruq Onikijipa Preaching Video


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Faruq Onikijipa Instagram Handle

You can follow faruq onikijipa on Instagram via his official Instagram account @sheikfarukonikijipa


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