Exe.io review

Have you ever heard about exe.io before, if yes ! That Doesn’t mean you have know how exe.io works or how legit they are. That’s why Harblextips team always fighting against scam. And we are here to show you about exe.io review in this article.h

So, get ready to read this article well. 

So let dive in !

What is exe.io 

Exe.io review

Exe.io is a shortener that give users incredible rate for 1,000 views varies depending on location, they pay between $2.50 to $11 for 1,000 views.

The exe.io task is easy; just add your link and replace it with your own link name. And share it with your audience.

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Exe.io review

Exe.io is a free shortener platform where you can create a short links, which is free. You will get paid base on how many views you get. Exe.io is best way to make money online.

You can also earn money by referral. You will get 10% from earnings of the person you refer for life.

You must earn $3.00 before you can withdraw.

Exe.io payment requirements

Exe.io pay for views only if you meet requirements.

Your visitor must be unique within a 24hrs, you must have JavaScript and cookies enable. You must disable the adblock and you should not use proxy or VPN.

Fake views, both, pop-up, PTC and traffic that came from links/ad exchange are not allowed.

By the time we are wrote this exe.io review.

Exe.io pay $20 for 1000 views with a minimum of $3.20 exe.io CPM rates aren’t permanent it changes daily.

Exe.io payments methods

Exe.io minimum cash out limits is only $5 

Exe.io also pay for users daily.

Here are the exe.io payments methods;

  • $3.00 for payeer withdraw
  • $5.00 for PayPal withdraw
  • $5.00 for Bitcoin withdraw
  • $5.00 for Skrill withdraw
  • $100.00 for Western Union withdraw 

Is exe.io legit

At the time of writing this article, exe.io is legit they pay their users daily without any delay.

Here are some exe.io features;

  • Quick payment
  • Daily payment
  • High payouts rates
  • Attractive referral program
  • 24/7 support services
  • Minimum payout is $5
  • Multiple tools to increase earnings
  • Quick sign up option

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Is exe.io scam

We are always fighting against scam. This exe.io platform is real. 

We aren’t find any negative information about them. At the time of wrote this.

If this exe.io was scam you please let us know in the comments section. So, we can update this article.

Exe.io payment proof

we have some payment proof of exe.io which we got from their website as a payment proof they paid for their users.

Exe.io payment proof


Harblextips.com.ng team are not getting paid for wrote this review. We wrote this exe.io review based on what we are experience with them.

So I recommend you to sign up with them and start earnings $$$ today. Since it’s free, anyone can sign up with them and start making money. As long as you share the link with your friends.

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