Dr whiteberry biography

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Dr whiteberry Biography

Full name:            Habeeb Olatunji

Stage name:   Dr whiteberry (baba kamo)

Date of birth:          September 23rd, 1996

Age:                           24 years old

Nationality:             Nigerian

State of origin:        Kwara state

City:                            Ilorin

Occupation:           Comedy, Actor, MC

Net Worth:              $200,000

Who is Dr whiteberry (baba kamo)

Dr whiteberry biography

Habeeb Olatunji known as Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) is Nigeria popular comedian, actor, mc.

Baba kamo is a popular comedian on Instagram he has more followers. And he always makes people laugh, his comedies are so funny. Baba Kamo is a close friend of Baba alariya. Both of them feature each other in their comedies. Baba kamo and baba alariya are using costumes to look like older men but both of them are handsome men. With a beautiful shiny black complexion. Baba Alariya and Baba Kamo are the best liar comedians. Their comedy act revealed how some people were lying.

Dr whiteberry biography

Baba kamo biography

Dr whiteBerry (baba kamo) date of birth

Baba kamo was born on September 23rd 1996. He’s a native of kwara state in ilorin.

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Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) Age

Baba kamo is 24 years old in terms of writing this article in 2021.

Where is Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) state

Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) Was born in ilorin, kwara state, in Nigeria. He’s a native of ilorin.

Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) career

Baba kamo biography

Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) started as MC in 2015, before he started acting comedy. Baba kamo has been featured in Nollywood movie Especially Yoruba movies.

Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) Net worth

The estimate of Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) Net worth is $200,000.

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Dr whiteberry social media handle

You can follow Dr Whiteberry on social media platforms.

Facebook @drwhiteerry

Instagram @drwhiteberry

Baba kamo Phone Number

You can contact Dr whiteberry (baba kamo) through this number: 07065851367

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