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IYKE(EBUKA HERO) and his daughter SOCHI(UCHE TREASURE OKONKWO aka ADAKIRIKIRI) finally decided to leave Cassandra(STELLA UDEZE) after months of ill-treatments back to live with his mum ADAEZE PHILO..moving on IYKE meets BUELAH(AJANIGO INIKPI) who came in as an angel..she does everything right and treats IYKE with so much respect but does Buelah have an ulterior motive or she is really God sent???

Did Cassandra realize she made a mistake by letting IYKE go??? Let’s sit back and enjoy this drama-filled yet extremely educative piece from the stables of ADAKIRIKIRI TV!!!! Starring STELLA UDEZE, EBUKA EZE, UCHECHI TREASURE OKONKWO, ADAEZE PHILO, AJANIGO INIKPI, CHIDI NWACHUKWU and a host of other stars!

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