Who is yanbaba

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Yanbaba Biography

Yanbaba biography

Real Name: Chijioke Yanbae Igwendu

Stage Name: Yanbaba1

Date Of Birth: 1980’s

Age: Under 40 years old

Profession: Comedian, Content Creator

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $30k dollars

Who IsYanbaba

Who is yanbaba

Yanbaba is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian. Yanbaba is an online comedian and content creator who is popular for his hilarious and creative comedy skits on social media platforms.

Yanbaba good in acting comedy skit, his comedy are so funny and educative.

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Yanbaba Career

Yanbaba started his comedy career as an online entertainer back in 2017 an has been consistent with giving his ever increasing fans the best laughs.

Yanbaba Date Of Birth

Yanbaba was born on 1980`s he is under 40 years old at the time of writing this article on yanbaba biography and net worth.

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Is Yanbaba Married

Nigerian comedian, Yan Baba who is also referred to as Odogwu Boo Boo Proposes To Queen Francis AKA ‘Aisha’.

Aishais Yanbaba on-screen partner in their comedy series. She has been acting comedy skits with him for a while now.

It was gathered that they have been dating before they started doing comedy videos together.

Is yanbaba married

Their love story which started way back in 2018 received a big burst after Yanbaba decided to take it to another level.

On the 21st day of Nov 2021, Yanbaba in the course of a live show went down on his knees in presence of about 5000 live audience, and popped up the question. And Aisha said “Yes.”

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Yanbaba Net Worth

The estimated yanbaba net worth is $30k dollars at the time of writing this article.

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Yanbaba Instagram Handle

You can follow yanbaba on Instagram via his official Instagram account @yanababa1

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