Destiny etiko phone number

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Who Is Destiny Etiko

Destiny etiko phone number

Destiny Etiko is a widely known Nigerian actress born and brought up in Enugu, Udi, a well-known town in Enugu. She became popular when she featured in a movie called “Idemili” an epic movie in 2014 that became popular which also transported her into celebrity status.

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Daniel Etiko was born in August 12, 1989, and she is currently 33 years old, she is the second out of 5 children. She completed her primary school in Udi and attended Nnamdi Azikwe University for her tertiary education where she obtained bachelor’s degree in theatre arts.

On acting, she mentioned that she got the inspiration and zeal to act from her mother. Though her mother is not known, she mentioned that her mother left her career in acting too raise a family and she has promised not to make the same mistake that her mother made.

Destiny Etiko Phone Number

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Destiny Etiko Gmail/Email Address

Destiny Etiko has managed to act with other prominent actors and has worked on several movie projects including: Saved by love, Shattered, Breaking chains, Enuma, etc. She also got a house for her mother and she is doing well. Her net worth is currently $500,000. If you want Destiny Etiko phone number or gmail address, you are in the right place. Message her via gmail at [email protected]


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