Cashchain review

Have you ever been with any investment platform before and you got scam by them. And you want to find out if cashchain legit or scam. As you already know that Harblextips team always fighting against scam platform. That is why we are here to give you an article about cashchain review.

i’m surely you will know much about cashchain review. before we can go into main cashchain review article. Let me explain what is cashchain investment works.

What is cashchain investment

Cashchain review

Cashchain is an investment platform where users can invest their money and get commission earnings for their invest.

Cashchain investment promise to give users over 100% ROI on your investment.

That’s mean huge returns of commission.

How to make money on cashchain

As I said earlier that cashchain is an investment platform, so you need to invest to get commission for your investment.

Cashchain investment use their members money to trade crypto currency such as; etheruem, Bitcoin, dogecoin, Tron, ripple xrp, and other currencies to triple the funds within 30min.

How cashchain investment pay for their members

Cashchain investment pay double of what you invest on their platform. They will keep your capital in their system. Let says that you invest ₦20,000 you will get ₦40,000 in returned from cashchain investment. And they will keep ₦20,000 in the system for another invest. The more you invest the more you will earns.

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How to register on cashCain investment

If you want to lose money you can going on and sign up with them. We can’t recommend any one to sign up with them.

There are some things we find out. So keep read the article to get more information about cashchain review.

Cashchain invest package plans

Starter: the cost is ₦5,000 and ROI is ₦10,000.

Smart: the cost is ₦10,000 and the ROI is ₦20,000.

Ultimate: the cost is ₦20,000 and the ROI is ₦40,000.

Gold: the cost is ₦50,000 and the ROI is ₦100,000.

Diamond: the cost is ₦100,000 and the ROI is ₦200,000.

Arab: the cost is ₦200,000 and the ROI is ₦400,000.

Black: the cost is ₦400,000 and the ROI is ₦1m.

Legend: the cost is 1m ₦ and the ROI is ₦2m. review | is legit or scam

Is cashchain legit or scam

In our reviews, we found out that there are the video of celebrities endorsing cashchain investment, which made people to believe in cash chain investment 100% but they don’t know that the video is a fake. They edit it.

We found more red flag on cashchain investment.

In our cash chain review we found out some errors about them which me us believe that cash chain is a scam investment platform.

There are errors we found out;

  • They have so many typographical error on the website
  • Bad customer care support, they will not reply to you.
  • The owner of website is unknown.
  • We found out that many people complain on cash chain investment. Issue we founded is payment issue, they didn’t pay for their users anytime they requested for payout.


You are now know that cashchain is a scam investment platform, since you have read our article about cashchain review.

as a said earlier, Harblextips team always fighting against scam. We hate scamming people or anything related to frauds. Those articles we wrote here are legit. We wrote it based on what we found out about any platform.

we are not getting paid for any review we wrote. What we do is to help users keep safe from any scam platform.

And that is why we wrote an article about cashchain review.

If you enjoy our article about cashchain review and you found out many useful information about them which is helped you to stay away for them to let your money safe.

Please share this article with your friends and family to help them stay away from cashchain investment platform.

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