Cardnosh review

Did you want to sell your gift card ? And you are finding who you can sell your gift card to without a scam.

No worry we are here to show you how cardnosh works. That’s why we wrote an article about cardnosh review.

But before we can go into the further details on cardnosh review. Let me explain how cardnosh works and what is cardnosh.

What is cardnosh

Cardnosh review

Cardnosh is an nigerians e-currency and a crypto currency trading platform that has been in operation since 2016 ago.

On cardnosh you can sell iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, steam wallet gift card, Google play gift card, Target gift card e.t.c.

Cardnosh was registered in Nigerian business under the corporate affairs commission, with the name “cardnosh trading sevices” and their RC number is; 2777339.

How to sell gift card to cardnosh

Cardnosh review

If you want to sell your gift card for cardnosh, you have to options for selling your gift card. You can sell your gift card to cardnosh via the website or chat them on Whatsapp.

If you want to sell your gift card on their website, kindly go to their website and create an account with them. So, you will have access to your dashboard and you can sell your gift card direct.

  • If you want you want to sell your gift card through their whatsapp.
  • you can message them via WhatsApp number with this number +23481253494

When you messaged them on Whatsapp the next step is;

  1. Request for rate

  2. When you messaged cardnosh, tell them you want to trade gift card, they will give you the rate for the gift card. If you are okay with the rate. You can go ahead and trade with them.
  3. Upload gift card

  4. It’s compulsory to send them your gift card picture,so they will verify it.
  1. Wait for verification

  2. When you send them your gift card picture, then you should wait for the verification process of getting your gift card verified. Once the card has been verified successfully, you will be asked to send your bank details and your account will be credited.

Is cardnosh legit

Cardnosh is a legit platform where you can sell your gift card without any issue or scam.

I have been trading with them more a years ago.

So I don’t have any issue with them. That is why I decided to write cardnosh review. To help some people to trade their gift card in a peace way.

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I hope this cardnosh review let you know about them. What are you waiting for?

Message them now and start trading in a good way.

If you have any questions regarding to cardnosh review.

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