Two simple ways to repair your phone when it got soaked or wet.

Two Simple Ways To Repair Your Phone When It Got Soaked Or Wet.

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First and foremost there are diverse kind of phone,some are inbuilt battery so,and unbuilt. 


So on the off chance that it is unbuilt battery you are utilizing you need to eliminate the battery imidately, 


Second step you will eliminate the memory card and your sim. 

Two simple ways to repair your phone when it got soaked or wet.

Third means to you get some uncooked rice which is common,then put it inside the rice for like a couple of days for wonderful drying.If it inbuilt battery you need to lose the bots and eliminate the battery tenderly to stay away from harms in your telephone. 


Second way-lose the bots and eliminate the cover (wafers), after the cover eliminate the battery from your telephone (inbuilt only).if you need to utilize the telephone immediately, you simply search for that yellow bulb that do heat,put the board side on top at that point put the bulb on it for like 5 to10 the bulb and eliminate the panel,wait until it get cold.then couple it back (nut it back).you’re all set. 


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