How To Fix Damaged Memory Card On Android Phone Without Losing Any Data

How To Fix Damaged Memory Card On Android Phone Without Losing Any Data.

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How To Fix Damaged Memory Card On Android Phone Without Losing Any Data.

How To Fix Damaged Memory Card On Android Phone Without Losing Any Data

I couldn’t say whether it’s the real gadget that causes the mistake, my 32GB SD card or even Android itself. I’m beginning to feel that the green bot is to be faulted, on the grounds that each time I’ve gotten the “SD card harmed” message on my Android telephone, I’ve had the option to put the “harmed” memory card in an old gadget, and it has turned out great. Here’s the way you ideally can fix a messed up SD card on Android without losing any valuable information. 


Answer for The Damage Memory Card: 


– First of all, attempt to just take out your SD card, set it back in and afterward start your gadget and check if Android remembers it. This will probably not fix the issue, however since it would be the speediest arrangement, it merits an attempt. 


– If the above didn’t help, discover one of your old telephones, or utilize a companion’s telephone, that bolsters the SD card being referred to. Presently take the harmed memory card, put it in the other gadget and interface it to your PC in mass stockpiling mode (mount it). In the event that you have a memory card peruser with a USB interface, you can obviously utilize that all things being equal. 


On the off chance that your SD card truly is harmed, it may not work in the other telephone by the same token. However, every time Android has whined about my SD card being broken, it has worked impeccably in a little telephones. 


– If you presently can get to the SD card by means of your PC, utilize your working framework’s devices to filter the memory card for blunders. On Windows XP, this is finished by right-tapping on the SD card in the record supervisor, at that point clicking Properties > Tools > Error-checking > Check Now. Under Check plate alternatives, select the “Consequently fix blunders in the record framework” check box and snap Start. Your PC will attempt to fix all expected mistakes in the document framework. 


– If you need to ensure that you will not lose any information, at that point make a reinforcement of your SD card by duplicating its substance to your PC’s hard drive. Certain record can’t be duplicated for reasons unknown, there’s a slight possibility it could be to be faulted for the Android hiccup. In the event that it is anything but a horrendously significant record, erase it from your SD card. 


– Now put the SD card back in your Android telephone once more, and ideally it will work fine at this point. On the off chance that it doesn’t, in any event you have a reinforcement of it now, and you can allow Android to organize the card. Reestablish the reinforcement from your PC later, and all that will have returned to typical. 


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