Best non stim pre workout

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We all love caffeine, well most of us do anyway, and it has gotten to the point where almost every pre-workout supplement out there is made up of mostly caffeine in ever-increasing amounts. So now you are wondering what are the best non stim pre workout?

We’ve talked about a lot of these in our best 10 pre-workout supplements list. But not everyone can consume caffeine, so finding a pre-workout supplement that is stimulant-free is the only option for them.


Best Non Stim Pre Workout

There’s multiple reason to take a non stim pre workout, it starts with people who just don’t want to consume caffeine or ones who are sensitive to it but even you – caffeine lovers – should contemplate a non stimulant pre-workout every once in a while. While caffeine is amazing, you can quickly build a tolerance meaning that all of the benefits that you enjoyed like increased power, increased energy, less fatigue, and lowered rate of perceived effort can all vanish.

Apollon Nutrition

Best non stim pre workout

Apollon Nutrition are well known for their hardcore stimulants pre-workouts, specifically Assassin and Hooligan. But the company’s lines also boasts one of the best non stimulant pre workout formulas on the market with Hooligan Bare Knuckle.

Angel Dust Pre Workout

Recently, Hooligan Bare Knuckle V4 came out with even more pump ingredients and higher dosages. Ultimately creating the best caffeine-free pre workouts money can buy. You can read the full review here.

Yolo Pre Workout

Key Ingredients


  • L-Citrulline (8 g)
  • Lion’s Mane Extract (1 g)
  • Alpha GPC (600 mg)
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (250 mg)

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