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Baba ijebu biography

baba ijebu biography

Real Name:  Kessington Adebutu

Date of birth: oct, 24th 1935

Age:  86 years old

occupation:  Premier Lotto, billionaire and philanthropist

nationality:  nigerian

net worth:   $1 billion dollars

who is Baba ijebu

baba ijebu biography

Kessington Adebutu is the billionaire who owns the multi-million Naira betting business – Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu). He was born on October 24, 1935 at Iperu Remo in Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun.

Premier Lotto Limited popularly called Baba Ijebu is a gaming company that offers lotto services and betting on major sporting events operating in Nigeria. It is the oldest known Nigeria lotto game operator and was registered in 2001.

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Baba ijebu career

He started as a salesman of a pharmaceutical company after his secondary education in 1955. While with the firm, he rose to the position of Sales manager for the then Lagos and Western region, made up of the present-day Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Osun and Ondo states. But in 1963, he left the company to start his own small business.

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Baba ijebu date of birth

Kessington Adebutu known as (Baba ijebu) was born on October 24, 1935 at Iperu Remo in Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun.

Baba ijebu age

Kessington Adebutu  known as baba ijebu is 86 years old.

baba ijebu net worth

the estimated baba ijebu net worth is $1 billion dollars

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