Albert ezerzer biography

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Albert Ezerzer Biography

Real Name: Albert Ezerzer

Date Of Birth: 31st January, 1959

Age: 63 years old

Profession: Actor

Net Worth: Unknown

Who Is Albert Ezerzer

Albert ezerzer biography

Albert ezerzer was featured in the Movie “THE SUITS”. He was in charge of transporting equipment used in Film Productions.

According to Tweet posted by Aaron Korsh. He said,

“Albert Worked in our transpo department and passed away recently, He was a beloved member of the SUITS family”.

Albert Ezerzer Date Of Birth

Albert ezerzer was born on january 31st, 1959. He was dead on 4th, May 2014. He is 63 years old at the time of writing this article on albert ezerzer biography and net worth.

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Albert Ezerzer Net Worth

Albert ezerzer net worth is not available right now. He was dead, so we can’t say anything about his net worth.


Albert ezerzer was dead, so we are not getting much information about his bio. Please if you know anything about him that may useful for this post. You’re feel free to comment below this post.

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