Afrbtc review

Here is the afrbtc review. What’s up guys, I guess you are looking for a best platform to sell your gift card, iTunes/apple gift card, steam gift card, Google play card, target gift card, greendot etc.

Don’t worry dear, here is the best platform to sell all this kind of card you want to sell.

By the time you read this afrbtc review done. I’m pretty sure you will get what you need from them without any issue.

Before we can go into further information about afrbtc review, let me explain what is afrbtc 

What is afrbtc

Afrbtc review

Afrbtc is a professional website for buying gift cards and BTC. We help users deal with millions of dollars gift cards and BTC ,and trasfer hundreds of millions naira everyday. Afrbtc is always honest and trustworthy.

How to sell my card for afrbtc

If you want to sell your gift card or any others card you have.

You can sell it through their website, WhatsApp.

  • Go to their website and create an account with them, then you can now start trading with them.
  • You can also message them via WhatsApp with this number.+2349018888888

Which card afrbtc are buying

Afrbtc is a best platform to sell any kinds of cards you have such as;

  • itunes/apple gift card

  • steam gift card

  • google play card

  • target gift card

  • sephora gift card

  • nike gift card

  • walmart gift card

  • ebay gift card

  • razer gold pin/rixty gift card

  • Nordstrom gift card

  • Vanilla gift card

  • Apple gift card

  • Green dot

Afrbtc app 

If you want to download afrbtc app on play store you can download it with here afrbtc app

Afrbtc card rates

When you done with the account creation, you will have access to their cards rate, so you can pick any rates you are okay with.

Is afrbtc legit

in our review and experience we have with Afrbtc are the things that make us to decide to write an article about afrbtc review. Because this platform is a legit platform to sell your gift card and others cards. We didn’t see any negative about them. All the information we got are positive. So, you can trade with them without any issue.

Afrbtc WhatsApp number

you can message afrbtc via WhatsApp with this number +2349018888888

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You can go ahead and start trading with them. Without any issue. We have connection with them for many years, and we don’t have any issue with them. 

Please leave your comment below if you have issue with them or you have a successful transaction with them.

Let us know your feedback.

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