You might not realize the man you’ve seen play Superman on the big screen or Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher is a big car nut. Like so many other celebrities, Cavill enjoys owning and watching other people’s cool cars, including attending the Goodwood Motor Circuit where impressive classics face off. The man has some impressive rides in his garage, and with his fame seemingly only increasing, we’re sure he’ll add plenty more over time.


Even more impressive is Gordon Ramsay’s car collection, which you can see here.



Even more impressive is Gordon Ramsay’s car collection, which you can see here.

Aston Martin DBS


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Like so many other successful Brits, Cavill owns an Aston Martin. He acquired the DBS as his first truly expensive, highly impressive car as his acting career was finally taking off. The man seemed truly astounded when he realized such a vehicle was in reach and doesn’t have trouble admitting that, which is charmingly human. Plus, Cavill said he got it up to 180 on the autobahn, so we have to respect the fact he really drives the thing.


Ferrari 458 Spider


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Beautiful and powerful, the Ferrari 458 Spider is on many car enthusiasts’ dream list. If you’re rich like Cavill, that dream can easily become reality. Considering the man has a need for speed and doesn’t seem shy about admitting that fact, we’re not shocked he pulled the trigger and bought this Italian wonder.

McLaren MP4-12C


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Pushing over 600-horsepower, the McLaren MP4-12C is a seriously impressive machine. Plus, the supercar is a matter of national pride for the Brits, so we’re not shocked Cavill owns one. With a carbon-fiber chassis and plenty of other lightweighting measures, all that power is put to good use, and we’re sure Cavill takes full advantage of that neck-snapping acceleration.

Bentley Continental S


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If you’re a successful British celebrity, you don’t just stop at a McLaren and Aston Martin, no. You should probably throw a Bentley or two into the mix for good measure, which is precisely what Cavill has done. The man owns a Continental S with the burly V8, because even though he wants luxury he also craves power and speed.

Bentley Bentayga


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Why have just one Bentley when you can afford two? That’s right, Cavill has a second, a Bentayga SUV to be precise. Considering the man is 6’1”, it’s probably more comfortable to drive than a lot of performance cars out there, so we can’t fault him for wanting to stretch out his legs fully.

Rolls-Royce Wraith


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Like any successful Brit, Cavill also owns a Rolls-Royce. His Wraith is undoubtedly outfitted with all kinds of bespoke details, as they often are, but we’re sure his is just super all around.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class


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If you’re going to own one German car which is technologically advanced, reasonably sporty, and looks good, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class ticks all three boxes with ease. While BMW and Audi fans might wish the man made a different selection, we’re guessing he doesn’t really care what everyone else’s opinion is.

Cadillac XTS


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Like we mentioned earlier, Cavill isn’t exactly short, so that probably explains why he owns a Cadillac XTS. Yes, it’s not a super impressive car, but it is large and fairly luxurious. Our guess is Cavill sits in the backseat and is chauffeured around in this, so it’s a good selection for those who are just riding and not driving.


Peugeot 306 GTI


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You might be surprised to see a turbocharged, four-banger French hot hatch on this list. While we don’t have many details about this car, we’re almost certain it was Cavill’s ride before he hit the big time. Like the Volkswagen GTI, it’s supposed to be reasonably fun to throw through turns while still remaining reasonably practical.



It’s also reported that Cavill is a fan of Ducatis and own two of the Italian motorcycles. One is a Ducatir XDiavel S and the other is a Ducati Panigale V4S.

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