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2slimmusik Biography

2slimmusik biography

Stage Name: 2slimmusik

Profession: Singer, Motivation Speaker

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $10K – $50K dollars

Who Is 2slimmusik

Who is 2slimmusik

2slimmusik are the fast-rising Nigerian singer a.k.a ogbeni toba fekan abuku ofeni. 2slimmusik are also a motivation speaker who is popular for their motivate and creative skits on social media platforms.

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2slimmusik Career

2sliusik was created by two guys, they started their motivation speaker career some years back ago. 2slimmusik are the best talented motivation speaker or lamba cruise.

The person who stayed in front of camera when they’re shooting is “Yusef” and the second guy stayed behind him. Their last word ended up with; “ogbeni to bafe kan abuku ofe ni” that’s mean, “mr man, if you want to disgrace yourself, it’s free”

2slimmusik has been consistent with giving their ever increasing fans the best motivation and songs.

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2slimmusik Net Worth

The estimated 2slimmusik net worth is $10K – $50K dollars at the time of writing this article on 2slimmusik biography and net worth.

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2slimmusik Instagram Handle

You can follow 2slimmusik on Instagram via his official Instagram account @2slimmusik


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