Friday, January 1, 2021

UAE Delight Saudi Women Created UAE- Specific Designs.

 In an artistic race from the world of fashion, as part of The "our joy UAE" campaign, a group of Saudi women presented the most beautiful gowns specially designed for the 49th UAE National Day.

1. Yasser Riad: Emirati "style" 

Design Yesser Riad.


Designer Yasser Riad sahibeh brand yossor collection has a certified degree in fashion design from the Institutes of London, stylists, mannequins and fashion with more than 5 years of experience in the field; she relied on innovation and sophistication while keeping the piece simple; she recently participated in Fashion week in dubai. Yeser selects the fabrics by herself by traveling to more than one country, including the United Arab Emirates, where the beauty and elegance of these pieces were inspired by the Emirati style and it is known that the Emirati taste is high and refined, here was the competition in highlighting pieces that fit the Emirati sense, where Yeser focused that the model

2. Ghida Majdali: passionate about detail

design by Ghida Majdali.


Ghaydaa Majdaly, a Saudi who has lived in the UAE for a time and loves her and considers her second home and is known for always saying that Saudi Arabia and the UAE (pulse in one heart), the owner of brand Ghaydaa Majdaly is a fashion designer and expert appearance her hobby since childhood is drawing, designing and embroidering some pieces. Ghida studied fashion design and started in fashion since 2012. She describes her stay in the UAE as one of the most beautiful periods in her career where she developed her career as a fashion designer and became a member of the Dubai Design and Fashion Council. Participated in many exhibitions in the UAE know a lot of Emirati women and did not find any difficulty in turnout on her designs, especially to Gulf gold is the same.

3. Arwa Al Kathiri: Dubai Heritage

Arwa Al-thairi design.


Arwa Al-Kathiri is a Saudi Arabian dress designer, a former cancer fighter. She started in the field of gowns design two years ago and achieved great success and is now happy with her project called "Black bird". Arwa believes that fashion design is not just a process of imitating realistic images but a process inspired by the artist's impressions of the views and experiences she reflects on the cloth and has found new ways.

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