Friday, January 1, 2021

Fashionable dresses in the style of Amal Al Awadhi



Kuwaiti broadcaster and actress Amal Al-Awadhi follows a style in fashion that tends to classic and femininity.

Dresses that fit her svelte texture are the most frequent choice among her looks, strangely enough, she did not give it up even after the temperature drop and the capricious autumn solutions.

Since the beginning of autumn, Amal Al Awadhi has adopted 5 looks, mixing light materials with some touches that reflect the change of weather to cold.

I thought Amal Al Awadi dress in orange, of medium length with long sleeves, decorated dress with belt featuring a waist, a style that you hate so much be about the consistency of its troops, as coordinated with the bot playing itself, extends neck medium heel high to reflect her femininity, and this look good, especially with the choice of warm orange to cooler autumn.

Silver adorns Amal Al Awadhi's autumn looks

Amal Al Awadhi adopted a long dress with limited pleats, decorated with silver flowers with dark gray, and teamed with silver shoes for added glamour.

Although Amal Al Awadhi is long-sleeved, she tends to be linear, so she adopted a black-and-white T-shirt dress that extends to the knee, to show off the elegant white bot that she chose to complete her look.

Fashionable dresses in the style of Amal Al Awadhi.

She then came back to impress us with a stunning day-out look, where she coordinated a mid-length, heavenly shirt dress with a belt at the waist in dark blue, and a mid-neck boot in bright red, adding a contrast that enhanced her elegance.

For a more luxurious look, Amal Al Awadhi adopted an oversized black and mustard yellow kharwah coat, ankle - length to cover the entire body, and teamed it with black trousers and flat shoes in the same color.

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