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Every man does not know color format.. These are the simplest rules for a distinct appearance

 Do not have a clue how to coordinate colors and the "color wheel" and its complexities confuse you? Well, there's nothing wrong with that, because the whole thing is confusing and complicated, this cupboard has 12 colors, which means there are 66 ways to coordinate, which means too many options that are hard to learn. 

Some men can easily coordinate colors and appear a beautiful heroine even though they do not strictly follow the color wheel because they have a very clear perception of the final form they crave. There is a category that follows the color gradients and formats strictly according to the cupboard as opposed to a category that adheres only to the basics. All these approaches are correct; because ultimately the colors of the clothes are a personal taste. 

Rules for coordinating clothes for men.. Your guide to a stylish modern look

But what if you're the kind of person who avoids getting colors into her outfit because she's afraid of bumping into her and appearing like a crazy heroine? Then you will be content with one or two contrasting colors such as white, black and gray, and blue is the only exception to wearing jeans! 

What are the rules for color coordination of clothes?

In our topic we will try to solve this problem, offer you the simplest theories, far from all the intricacies of the color wheel. 

Tricks Every man needs to wear a shirt in the best way possible (photo)


Let's get to know the neutral colors. 

Instead of squeezing your brain to try to learn the 66 possible combinations of the color wheel; you can adopt another approach. But here you have to have the idea of neutral colors. These colors are those that match all other colors, and do not create any repulsive contrast with any color however strong.

It is generally the basic rule of most clothing, and you may adopt it in your coatings. Neutral colors are black, white, gray, brown and beige ones can also be considered. Kohlrabi is not classified as a neutral color, but since it fits the vast majority of colors, you can also include it in the list.

However you decide to adopt them for a single color or combine them together, these colors will ensure a calm, beautiful and elegant look, so don't hesitate before combining them.

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