Thursday, December 31, 2020

Chen Yuki's New Street Shoot, Suit And Black Leather Skirt, Which Is Pretty.


The ensemble worn by Yuki Chen is completely beautiful! Whether it's a suit on top or a black leather skirt on the lower body, they are both beautiful and iconic items!

Chen Yuki himself relatively long, so after wearing a long black leather skirt, there will be problems for him to be short. Instead, he's ready to be elongated. High-waist skirts have such advantages, making the whole leg line look very thin. Make the whole person look longer!

Black leather skirt has a sense of maturity, but Chen Yuki is still relatively young, so too much style is not really suitable for him. Therefore, choosing this loose black leather skirt can reduce the maturation of black leather skirt.
And loose black leather skirt and upper body loose suit will be more matching in style. The overall sense of harmony will be much better! The suit matched with a black leather skirt chose a black and white style!

Black and white suits seem more formal in terms of color, this Color is more suitable for office workers. And except for the suit at the top and the black leather skirt on the lower body, her overall dress is black and white.
So in terms of color, overall clothing color looks very beautiful! Black and white tones give a sense of simplicity. This sense of simplicity highlights the beauty of the overall match!

The style of heels also continues the simplicity of overall wear, there is no special decoration, there is only a horizontal bar. Without additional decoration, the whole leg can be perfectly presented.
So connect the whole instep and legs to a flat, which can substantially extend the line of the legs! After increasing the feeling of foot lines, people look too long! In addition, silver heels will not be particularly prominent in the overall fabric color, and they are within a suitable range! Miss.

The neckless is neckless style, this style of neckless can show the neck line well. And it has a strong sense of retro, so after matching this beautiful dress, it looks even more attractive!
And thin neck chain covering too high in neck area.
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