Thursday, December 31, 2020

Best Fashion Trend For India Men In 2021


Indian men are spending a lot more on fashion than their male counterparts in other parts of the world, says a businessman who was visiting India from the company's Spanish headquarters for the launch.They say men contribute 30% globally, compared to 40% of the fashion retailer's revenue in India.
So the next time you see a person in a pink dinner suit or wearing a darned shirt, bow tie and a la Ryan Gosling's Oscar award night outfit, know that men's fashion is no longer just fitting in.It's about getting out of the crowd and making fashion statements. It's not about being part of a group, creating currency and being watched by everyone.It's about emphasis on your personality.
Men are now using much more with fun and brightly coloured straps. From pastel shades to light-washed pieces, big luxury brands are back in the style of the 80s.
Similar to women's fashion, men's fashion also varies, but many men do not go inline with the trend and stick to their casual clothing when dressing. Now, they don't have to worry because in 2021 there will be many trends in men's clothing that will match their body type.
Here are six fashion trends for men that will apply in 2021:
1) loose-fitting outfits:
From pastel colors to boxed outfits and light-washed pieces of denim and fringe diamonds, big luxury brands are back in 80s style. However, this does not mean that you have to add every trend and fashion to your wardrobe. Men can choose them with a fashionable dress and mix them with their existing collection to create a new look this year. A sportswear can be worn with loose trousers or a long blazer. Just go back to your family's old photo album and get inspiration.

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