Thursday, July 16, 2020

Men Style 2020

African men are gradually stepping up their games in the aspect of fashion. They love rocking African attires either at wedding functions or any occasion that they have to attend. 

The modern day men in Africa are gradually embracing good fashion styles; which are welcoming to rock any day and any time.

Such as;
1. Native style
2. Ankara Native style
3. Short hand style
4. Long hand style

Native styles are usually made from amazing African fabrics. Thanks to fashion designers in Africa who always deliver well nowadays. 


It depends on what materials you choose to purchase, because African materials have elegant prints and comfortable touch. So, you'll have to choose the simplest materials you so desire. 
You can also sew it as long sleeves nd short sleeves. Anyone you would like to sew, ensure it has nice and cool rounded neck lines. 

Ankara Style is one of the top notch styles for most men in Africa, example below is Uti Nwachukwu in a well-tailored Ankara attire. 

African fashion designers are becoming more exposed to trending styles for African attires for men. 
As you'll see from the image above, it is so unique. So, whenever you rock this ankara style, you will definitely look beautiful.

Short sleeve Style is perfect and so comfortable to rock for men in Africa. Short sleeved African attires are fast becoming a fashion trend for most men in Africa now. 


Either ankara or any African fabric you choose to use to sew your short sleeves with, make sure the attires/outfits look fashionable and innovative. 
Some people have lots of fabrics but they don't know which style they would like to sew them with. Hence, the reason why we have to bring the short-sleeve style to you. 

One of the major misconceptions in Africa is that most men still believe that short sleeves are meant for kids. Such mentality is so wrong. Short sleeves are great for both young and old men. Rocking a short sleeve outfit will even make you look younger - (winks). 

Long Hands Style is one of the most common styles for most men in Africa. As we had aforementioned - most African men love long sleeves, because they believe it's mostly for mature or sensible people. 


As I have said earlier on short hand styles. Most times, people buy fabrics and they end up not knowing which style to sew with them. 
All of these styles are unique, there's no style that isn't unique. Sew your own and iron it. 
Nowadays, most dressmakers don't use front pockets again beecause they feel it's old and outdated fashion trends. They now sew blank pockets at the front of most African tops. Check it out.

From the image, there is no front pocket there on the top of the attire, only a long blue line, which looks like a pocket, but it isn't a pocket. That blank pocket looks fashionable and stunning.
This life isn't receding, rather it keeps upgrading every day. Most Africans dressmakers have good talents to supply a replacement style within an hour, most are always brooding about which style they will sew for his or her customers.
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