Learn all Selina tested slang and their meaning/ cappings and their meaning in this article. As we all know, Selina Tested is an action movie written and produced by Manuchim Praize (Odogwu) of lightweight entertainment. This movie has captured the attention of millions of Nigerians and even people from other countries.


Selina Tested is a movie that involves a lot of slangs, most of which you don’t understand because they’re not English words. If you are from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, it’ll be easy for you to understand Selina tested slangs but if you’re not Port Harcourt based, or if you’re not a rugged guy, you’ll not understand some words (slangs in Selina Tested)Selina Tested Cappings and Slangs.


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In this articles, I’ll share with you the General Cappings/slangs used in selina tested movie and I’ll also share Aboy Cappings, Chiboy Cappings, Tallest Cappings, Sibi Cappings etc However, to make it easy for you to understand all the Selina tested slangs, we have compiled them in this post for you to read and understand the Selina Tested slangs.


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WORDS/Slangs/Cappings MEANING

Selina tested slang and their meaning

Lap = Come

selina = Charm,jazz, juju

Cap = Talk

Salama = Salute

Your face show and your shoes shine = You’re a part of the street with plenty doings

You get doings = Action, recognition

Labata, = throw over board(OVB),

Kpai = Kill

Manchi = Guy or man

Cala = Gun

Intel = Information

Legit = Real

Ododo = Mind or boldness

Tanana = Call

Robbers = Money

Acada = School or Academic

Capa = Phone

Freestyle = Set free, ignore

Unit Home = or an area

Fracass = Disagreement

Disembark = Get away, leave

Malle = Mother

Palle = Father

Baby sis = Little sister

Tuama = Run away

Banny = Baby girl,

Caprison or cap = To speak

Comprison = To understand

Caping = careless Talking off point

Lavida = Enjoy or make merry

Fall my hand or loose guard = Betray or behav unexpectedly

Blood over stain = Much killing, war

Groundnuts = Bullets

Remit = To pay debts

who goes you = who are you

wida = what’s up

chaw = food

chawling = To eat

Die it = Stop that

You day Jones = Are you doubting me

jazz out = To leave a place

chillax = To relax

I day H I = am hungry

You too day cap cap = You talk too much

deck down = sit down

compass = location

cut out = Run away

Put am for your body = To hurt you

woto woto = In excess

comot body = give way

pekus = sex

Odogwu = king

una day run intels for my headpan = You’re spying on me

my face show like my-1 market = I’m fully known

e day Casablanca the unit = I’m known and feared

You you know = You’re aware

Weda your compass = Where are you going

Which way na = What’s the way

forwardeverybody go hear my odour = Everybody will here my impacts

na wa to you = I sympathize with you

smaller/smalli = little child

joy go come over board = There will be joy everywhere

way you = To call someone’s attention

senior man = Boss or someone you respect

Pump your jaw = Used when you want yo punish an offender

I day pay you maximum salama = I respect you

My face show for this unit = I’m known in the environment (unit)

you want make him sub me? = do you want him to kill me

i go boskama the ama = I’ll cause problem in this unit

Facebook me = Look at me

na talk for another time = discussion for another day

make e be as I talk = let it be according to my words

You day mount me edge to edge = you’re not giving me breathing space

Ekuke = evil plans

You day tama hug me = you are getting close to me

point 1 or 001 = the No. 1 or leader of a cultist group

knack shot = to kill

comut body = give way

Joke jike = up and down


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Please note: Those Slangs/Worlds are mostly used in Port Harcourt or cult dominated areas. So please don’t use them anyhow, it might get you in trouble especially when you say it around people who belong to a particular Cult group.


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Please try and learn to know the meaning so that you won’t be confused when someone used it around you. If you really enjoyed the reading I am looking forward to have your feedbacks on the comments box below. Please feel free to drop any of the slangs not listed here in the comment box.

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