Selina tested aboy slangs

Selina Tested aboy slangs / Cappings meaning.

In this articles, I’ll share with you the General Cappings/slangs used in selina tested movie and I’ll also share selina tested aboy slangs and their meaning.


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Learn all Selina tested aboy slangs/ cappings and their meaning in this article. As we all know, Selina Tested is an action movie written and produced by Manuchim Praize (Odogwu) of lightweight entertainment. This movie has captured the attention of millions of Nigerians and even people from other countries.


200+ Selina Tested Slang And Their Meaning

Selina Tested is a movie that involves a lot of slangs, most of which you don’t understand because they’re not English words.


If you are from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, it’ll be easy for you to understand Selina tested slangs but if you’re not Port Harcourt based, or if you’re not a rugged guy, you’ll not understand some words (slangs in Selina Tested)


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Selina Tested Aboy Slangs/Cappings And Their Meaning

Selina tested aboy slangs

Ayawase Kebukebu matetematema = The sweetness of madness is best known to the mad man

Cintiri Oratrifobia

Kpai kpai kpai Kpaiyama

Chino chinger lugard = You’re breaking the code

Labata, = throw over board(OVB),

Kpai = Kill

Manchi = Guy or man

Cala = Gun

Intel = Information

Legit = Real

Ododo = Mind or boldness

Tanana = Call

Robbers = Money

Acada = School or Academic

Capa = Phone

Freestyle = Set free, ignore

Unit Home = or an area

Fracass = Disagreement

Disembark = Get away, leave

Malle = Mother

Palle = Father

Banny = Baby girl,

Caprison or cap = To speak

Comprison = To understand

Caping = careless Talking off point

Lavida = Enjoy or make merry

Please note: Those Slangs/Worlds are mostly used in Port Harcourt or cult dominated areas. So please don’t use them anyhow, it might get you in trouble especially when you say it around people who belong to a particular Cult group.

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