Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ankara Mini Gown styles

 Ankara Mini Gown styles are currently stylish, and today we present a stunning assortment of super-exquisite Ankara mini gown Styles dress plans, these plans are genuinely interesting and tasteful dresses for all events. This is an assertion in style, these Ankara mini gown Styles are what your closet has been longing for. Need a dress to wear on an ideal date? At that point peruse our assortment. 

Ankara mini gown styles are exquisite, for the stylish who loves to get seen and stand apart at significant occasions, in all honesty your loved ones will fall-head-over-heels for these show-halting Ankara mini gown styles. Offer with Friends!

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

Ankara mini gown styles

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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ankara Combination Styles

Ankara Combination Styles are the best style in 2021. This style are constantly sworn in Africans nation. Since Ankara is an African texture, so that is the reason all the Africans style fashioner feel that in the event that they are joined the Ankara texture with other texture.


That will be fine and each one of those Africans women will wanted to sew this style. Since it's look delightful when you worn this style. 

Ankara Combination Styles are the best style for all the kind of body shape you have. Regardless of the amount you fat, thin, typical. 

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Ankara Combination Styles is useful for a body shape, these days a great many people don't sew just a single texture style for their garments. 

Thought it was a decent style in the event that you can sew it. Be that as it may, this world is redesign regular. In this way, don't relies upon just one style. In the event that you need to look lovely regular and for wherever you go. 

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Published from Blogger Prime Android App

A year ago can't be contrast and this year, those style you sworn last you can't see the equivalent in this year. That is the reason Ankara Combination Styles is presently mainstream this year. 

Thought the vast majority sworn this style a year ago yet. Not every person. Yet, it's well known in this year. So ensure that you have Ankara Combination Styles in your storage room in this year 2021.

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ankara Skirt And Blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse is a fashion style made by Africa fashion designer. Most of Africans women loved to sew Ankara skirt and blouse for outfits. And keep it to their closets. So, whenever they want to wear it, so you can pick it in your closet.

In anyway Ankara skirt and blouse is a fabulous fashion and style for women whom want to look beautiful everyday.
And also it's good to have Ankara skirt and blouse in your closet. Because Ankara skirt and blouse is good to worn to every occasion you have to go at anytime. Such as; wedding ceremony, naming ceremony, birthday party, award ceremony. And so on.

I can recommend you to sew this style for your any occasion you have.


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Know Your Mood By The Way You Choose Your Clothes



There is by all accounts an extraordinary and indistinct association between the dress we pick and our state of mind. The facts demonstrate that consistently we wear garments directed by our taste; yet imagine a scenario in which we begin to believe that our disposition additionally assumes its job in picking garments. 

Appearance and decision of apparel 

In a report distributed by the Italian paper "kidona", creator Denise Carretto said that in this day and age, appearance is certifiably not a minor issue, in light of the fact that our dress unequivocally impacts the discernment that others have about us. Also, on numerous events, it makes us look great, Staying aware of the most exquisite and refined clothing regulation. 

A little stunt to lessen botches when picking garments, comprises in getting ready night garments so as not to ridicule others in view of our dressing in scramble ultimately. 

Pioneers are dynamic individuals who pay attention to their outside very (Getty) ) 

Kinds of characters 

It is no incident that we learn on the nature of individual through garments, clarifies an article distributed on the blog of Dr. Antonio Scuderia four distinct sorts of characters:

1-the individuals who have issues with appearance, are regularly thoughtful people and couldn't care less the outside or the decision of garments. 

2. the individuals who are not keen on picking garments, they are people who never communicate, wanting to wear conventional garments and unknown ensembles. 

3-pioneers, who are dynamic individuals, pay attention to their outside appearance. 

4-unconventionalities, and these are no unmistakable agreement between what they are and how they dress.

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Every man does not know color format.. These are the simplest rules for a distinct appearance

 Do not have a clue how to coordinate colors and the "color wheel" and its complexities confuse you? Well, there's nothing wrong with that, because the whole thing is confusing and complicated, this cupboard has 12 colors, which means there are 66 ways to coordinate, which means too many options that are hard to learn. 

Some men can easily coordinate colors and appear a beautiful heroine even though they do not strictly follow the color wheel because they have a very clear perception of the final form they crave. There is a category that follows the color gradients and formats strictly according to the cupboard as opposed to a category that adheres only to the basics. All these approaches are correct; because ultimately the colors of the clothes are a personal taste. 

Rules for coordinating clothes for men.. Your guide to a stylish modern look

But what if you're the kind of person who avoids getting colors into her outfit because she's afraid of bumping into her and appearing like a crazy heroine? Then you will be content with one or two contrasting colors such as white, black and gray, and blue is the only exception to wearing jeans! 

What are the rules for color coordination of clothes?

In our topic we will try to solve this problem, offer you the simplest theories, far from all the intricacies of the color wheel. 

Tricks Every man needs to wear a shirt in the best way possible (photo)


Let's get to know the neutral colors. 

Instead of squeezing your brain to try to learn the 66 possible combinations of the color wheel; you can adopt another approach. But here you have to have the idea of neutral colors. These colors are those that match all other colors, and do not create any repulsive contrast with any color however strong.

It is generally the basic rule of most clothing, and you may adopt it in your coatings. Neutral colors are black, white, gray, brown and beige ones can also be considered. Kohlrabi is not classified as a neutral color, but since it fits the vast majority of colors, you can also include it in the list.

However you decide to adopt them for a single color or combine them together, these colors will ensure a calm, beautiful and elegant look, so don't hesitate before combining them.

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How To Choose A Tie?

 How to choose a tie?


When looking at the elegant man looks classic, there are many things that determine this, including the tie, so it is important to know how to choose a tie carefully and accurately, with attention to several things:

Choose a good quality tie

When buying a tie, you should first check its quality if it contains 100% wool or other materials, as this affects its quality so that it does not wrinkle easily.

Choose it with a suitable size

Measure the size of the tie, make sure that its size fits the area of your neck, and there is also important, if you intend to buy Kraft, it is better that its size fits the size of the coat fold for a better classic look.

Choose the tie fabric that suits you

If you are going to wear a tie with a heavy winter coat, it is better to choose a tie made of wool, and coats made of fabric, choose with it ties made of silk.

Choose the color that suits your clothes.

When it comes to color, there are thousands of colors and shapes such as striped, dotted and others, but the color of the tie is best suited to the outfit you wear and the type of occasion, and you have to determine the level of fit of the color of the tie with the shirt, for example, Black is suitable for all occasions, but

You have to consider the color of your skin, too.

If your skin is dark and your hair color is also dark, it is best to choose a tie in bright colors, if you are moderate, choose dark colors, and while your hair color contrasts with your skin color, choose a color that contrasts with your skin color as well.

Sponsor the model and occasion when choosing a caravan

The Shape of the tie is also important, there are different styles in the markets, stores and online, but the style of the tie should be determined by the occasion, it is better for weddings to choose one color that is appropriate with the shirt, if the shirt is flashy, it is better to have a simple tie, and while the shirt.

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Fashionable dresses in the style of Amal Al Awadhi



Kuwaiti broadcaster and actress Amal Al-Awadhi follows a style in fashion that tends to classic and femininity.

Dresses that fit her svelte texture are the most frequent choice among her looks, strangely enough, she did not give it up even after the temperature drop and the capricious autumn solutions.

Since the beginning of autumn, Amal Al Awadhi has adopted 5 looks, mixing light materials with some touches that reflect the change of weather to cold.

I thought Amal Al Awadi dress in orange, of medium length with long sleeves, decorated dress with belt featuring a waist, a style that you hate so much be about the consistency of its troops, as coordinated with the bot playing itself, extends neck medium heel high to reflect her femininity, and this look good, especially with the choice of warm orange to cooler autumn.

Silver adorns Amal Al Awadhi's autumn looks

Amal Al Awadhi adopted a long dress with limited pleats, decorated with silver flowers with dark gray, and teamed with silver shoes for added glamour.

Although Amal Al Awadhi is long-sleeved, she tends to be linear, so she adopted a black-and-white T-shirt dress that extends to the knee, to show off the elegant white bot that she chose to complete her look.

Fashionable dresses in the style of Amal Al Awadhi.

She then came back to impress us with a stunning day-out look, where she coordinated a mid-length, heavenly shirt dress with a belt at the waist in dark blue, and a mid-neck boot in bright red, adding a contrast that enhanced her elegance.

For a more luxurious look, Amal Al Awadhi adopted an oversized black and mustard yellow kharwah coat, ankle - length to cover the entire body, and teamed it with black trousers and flat shoes in the same color.

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UAE Delight Saudi Women Created UAE- Specific Designs.

 In an artistic race from the world of fashion, as part of The "our joy UAE" campaign, a group of Saudi women presented the most beautiful gowns specially designed for the 49th UAE National Day.

1. Yasser Riad: Emirati "style" 

Design Yesser Riad.


Designer Yasser Riad sahibeh brand yossor collection has a certified degree in fashion design from the Institutes of London, stylists, mannequins and fashion with more than 5 years of experience in the field; she relied on innovation and sophistication while keeping the piece simple; she recently participated in Fashion week in dubai. Yeser selects the fabrics by herself by traveling to more than one country, including the United Arab Emirates, where the beauty and elegance of these pieces were inspired by the Emirati style and it is known that the Emirati taste is high and refined, here was the competition in highlighting pieces that fit the Emirati sense, where Yeser focused that the model

2. Ghida Majdali: passionate about detail

design by Ghida Majdali.


Ghaydaa Majdaly, a Saudi who has lived in the UAE for a time and loves her and considers her second home and is known for always saying that Saudi Arabia and the UAE (pulse in one heart), the owner of brand Ghaydaa Majdaly is a fashion designer and expert appearance her hobby since childhood is drawing, designing and embroidering some pieces. Ghida studied fashion design and started in fashion since 2012. She describes her stay in the UAE as one of the most beautiful periods in her career where she developed her career as a fashion designer and became a member of the Dubai Design and Fashion Council. Participated in many exhibitions in the UAE know a lot of Emirati women and did not find any difficulty in turnout on her designs, especially to Gulf gold is the same.

3. Arwa Al Kathiri: Dubai Heritage

Arwa Al-thairi design.


Arwa Al-Kathiri is a Saudi Arabian dress designer, a former cancer fighter. She started in the field of gowns design two years ago and achieved great success and is now happy with her project called "Black bird". Arwa believes that fashion design is not just a process of imitating realistic images but a process inspired by the artist's impressions of the views and experiences she reflects on the cloth and has found new ways.

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Florals Prints Decorate Your Winter Outfits.



Floral prints are almost absent from any of the seasons, as if they were able to hold a steady position on the list of international fashion trends. In the spring and summer season, we see them adorn the fashion with their varied sizes and refreshing colors that perfectly mimic its atmosphere, and in the autumn and winter season they enter the collections of international houses to create a kind of challenge to the cold atmosphere.

The Origins of Floral Fashion when did the trend of floral prints appear?

When did the flower prints come out ?

The beginning was from the East, where traders began to buy silk fabrics embossed with tropical flowers, and sold them at very high prices in the countries of the West, especially since the decorative silk cloth was very luxurious and could not be bought to by well-off Europeans.

In the 16th century, floral inscriptions appeared on lace fabric that served as an ornament to other fabrics, added to the tip of the dress to add more luxury to it.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the floral pattern began to adorn the thick and ornate fabrics of Persia, especially in the early Islamic period, perhaps the most prominent of which was the tulip along with pomegranate and vines, which often came with a velvety touch.

The beginning of the 18th century saw an innovation in this fashion, with printed cotton cloth or chintz, characterized by its intense floral prints on a glossy canvas, and the British and Dutch merchants were the first to import it from India.

For the autumn-winter season 2020-2021, the floral pattern was not absent from the collections, as the fabrics covered all kinds, as if to predict a fresh season despite the cold, and it was remarkable three types of this pattern.

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Casual Clothes For Stylish Men.


Your casual or casual clothes are the clothes you wear on your own time. It is difficult to set boundaries to 
know what casual clothes are and what they are not.

In any case, casual or casual clothing should express your personality and reveal your true identity, have your own style and distinctive style that makes you different from others, wear different colors and try not to restrict yourself to one form.
How do you make sure that you are in full elegance and high-quality clothes?
To help you be more special and different while wearing casual clothes, we offer you a set of tips to improve your look,which we review below: 

how to improve your casual look?

There is a variety of casual wear that you can wear, as well as various pieces that you can combine to make you look super stylish.
For men: your elegance at the lowest possible cost
If you look at one of models or even one of the men in Blazers who are walking in the street, you'll find that what distinguishes them from others is that they dressed nothing like the others, this does not mean that wearing strange or very different, like T-shirts that have graphics and patterns big odd, or the colors don't harmonize with each other.
Here are a bunch of simple ways to help you look special in casual wear.
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Best Smart Clothes For Men.

Best Smart Clothes For Men.
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There are certainly a variety of the best smart casual wear for men within the relevant fashion stores and the men's fashion world around the world.
In fact, smart casual men's wear is divided into many different styles and types that cover the different tastes and trends of the rough, both within the work environment and the professional life, and during the afternoons that need to appear as a lightweight smart casual heroine that is far from formalized.

Rules for wearing a suit without a tie

Perhaps the most important characteristic of lacquered clothes, smart casual for men it is very flexible, its reliance unlike what many don't always mean a mandatory purchase pieces of the high-priced component; the fast and flexibility through regular clothing will suffice without the cost of overpriced.
In the next report, we will not only highlight the best smart casual wear for men, but we will take an extensive look at the most important information about this look and the unique style of clothing selection.
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Chen Yuki's New Street Shoot, Suit And Black Leather Skirt, Which Is Pretty.


The ensemble worn by Yuki Chen is completely beautiful! Whether it's a suit on top or a black leather skirt on the lower body, they are both beautiful and iconic items!

Chen Yuki himself relatively long, so after wearing a long black leather skirt, there will be problems for him to be short. Instead, he's ready to be elongated. High-waist skirts have such advantages, making the whole leg line look very thin. Make the whole person look longer!

Black leather skirt has a sense of maturity, but Chen Yuki is still relatively young, so too much style is not really suitable for him. Therefore, choosing this loose black leather skirt can reduce the maturation of black leather skirt.
And loose black leather skirt and upper body loose suit will be more matching in style. The overall sense of harmony will be much better! The suit matched with a black leather skirt chose a black and white style!

Black and white suits seem more formal in terms of color, this Color is more suitable for office workers. And except for the suit at the top and the black leather skirt on the lower body, her overall dress is black and white.
So in terms of color, overall clothing color looks very beautiful! Black and white tones give a sense of simplicity. This sense of simplicity highlights the beauty of the overall match!

The style of heels also continues the simplicity of overall wear, there is no special decoration, there is only a horizontal bar. Without additional decoration, the whole leg can be perfectly presented.
So connect the whole instep and legs to a flat, which can substantially extend the line of the legs! After increasing the feeling of foot lines, people look too long! In addition, silver heels will not be particularly prominent in the overall fabric color, and they are within a suitable range! Miss.

The neckless is neckless style, this style of neckless can show the neck line well. And it has a strong sense of retro, so after matching this beautiful dress, it looks even more attractive!
And thin neck chain covering too high in neck area.
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2 Types Designer Punjabi Salwar Suits.


Do you like to wear salwar suits? Whether your answer is positive or not, you need to know about different types of salwar suits for different occasions. In India, salwar kameez is generally worn for special occasions and in North India, women wear it daily as well as at wedding ceremonies. In short, suits take an indigenous place in Indian society and cultural forms. This type of designer ethnic dress comes from the lands of Punjab and thus one can find a vast spectrum of the best Punjabi salwar suits at the place. In Indian weddings, Punjabi style dresses are in quite a trend nowadays. They are liked by everyone like Punjabi cuisine.
Here we will tell you about 2 types of Best Designer Punjabi salwar suits to look beautiful.

Designer Punjabi suit with pages.

Palazos is currently in trend and women are constantly trying them out with trendy kurti or shirt. Palazzo style salwar and kameez with Bailli style in this type of Punjabi subs. These suits in various colors, silhouette and traditional work patterns are available such as embroidery, thread work,sequin work, patch work,Border work and much more. In general, suits are graceful in long length with high length, but also low length Kames are available according to users ' demand. You can wear this kind of ethnic dress with high Pape top heels.

2. Patiala salwar suit:

This is the most prominent selection in the category of Patiala salwar suits. College going girls, corporate women and homemakers women also love to wear salwar kameez. These suits are slightly different from regular Punjabi suits and are one of the most popular suits to be worn as daily wear. In North India, most women wear Patiala salwar suits. It is named after the famous place Patiala in Punjab.
In this style, kurti or shirtless is slightly above the knee and comes with beautiful neck and sleeve design. Patiala salwar has a lot of pleats and has a baggy design, which makes the wearer feel comfortable.
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Top 10 India Fashion Designers In 2021


10 best Indian fashion designers who have transformed India's fashion

As time is changing, fashion is also changing and nowadays design is creative and unique. Some designers who have changed the Indian fashion industry style with the most impact:

Ritu Kumar:

Being one of the top designers of India, Ritu Kumar has developed a distinct and unique style with a great understanding of ancient design and innovative and advance use of traditional crafts. With a wide range of India and Western garments, Ritu Kumar's boutique showcases the best of Indian design and accessories using cotton,leather and Silk.

Tarun Tahiliani:

Based in Delhi, he is a renowned designer known for his artistic skills in blending traditional crafts with contemporary fashion; his signature style originates from exquisite handicraft that forms the basis for his magnificent collection.

Ring finger Khanna:

She is an Indian fashion designer with her own label. As an innovation in the fashion industry, he is the one who mixed traditional designs and techniques with Western tailoring. He is also the first designer to have an international label and he is the one who has bought a new direction of Indian modern style with his jacket, wash hat and pants. You can also learn the art of building these styles by fashion designing courses in Jaipur

Masaba Gupta:

She is from Mumbai and her style is well defined as combining traditional and contemporary with modern touch. With her bold and creative designs, she offers beautiful ethnic garments for women in an attractive fabric and colors. She is known for her amazing prints.

Nita Lalla:

Nita Lulla is well known for designer garments and her wedding collection. She designs all things from saris, daily wear dresses, bridal lehanga and gowns to film and commercial costumes. She is well-known for her Pantai collection in which she has made silk costumes consisting of stringing and gold silver threads of several different colors.
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How To Trim Your Eyebrows ?


Whatever you want to call the eyebrow, we'll all talk about: slugs, caterpillars, galaghers. And, more importantly, we all need them. While their practical use as a drip tray for your forehead is important, their aesthetic value is also important: even a Most Beautiful Boy will look like a nightmare without eyebrows. In short, they frame your face. So you better note something to them.
The strong eyebrows – such as those Sporting by Colin Farrell and Chris Pine-look great. Their secret is that they explain to you that they haven't done anything.

Follow these tips to achieve the same’ brow reduction'-

Tip 1: Avoid monobro:

No man should boast on monobro: the unsightly pull of hair that forces our two eyebrows to shake. And if you're without monobro, you don't think you'll be free forever: the chances of monobro occurring naturally only increase with age.
Buy a good pair of tweezers: the only tool that you will need to eliminate a monobro (separate from painful wax strips). Place your finger between your eyebrows and above the bridge of your nose: this is your guide to the area that should be hair free.

Tip 2: you can go above it, but not below it

Pluck excess hair only above the main body of the eyebrows. Think: a bushier brow is good, and if only given original attention, you'll look like universally stylish men like George Clooney, Oscar Isak and Zachary Quinto.

Tip 3: do not always seek professional help

For years, the art of grooming eyebrows was primarily a female art. This means that the majority of experts have learned their craft on curvy, female female bumblebees. This school of design doesn't work so well for men
Before you seek professional help, establish whether the beautician has enough experience working with people. It is more likely in larger cities than in smaller local salons.
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